Another Beautiful Beginning Graces Rockwell Center Makati

The newest Rockwell Center Tower is finally here.

edades west highlights Rockwell’s latest tower in Makati

With the success of the highly acclaimed Rockwell Center comes the newest addition to the Edades Cluster, Edades West, providing the well-heeled market with that same grandeur and elevated experience.

At the same time, Edades West introduces the first of many with its features that highlight balance, functionality, safety, and well-being. It takes pride in its unit design strategies sensitive to post pandemic norms.

It truly is one of a kind and a perfect heritage that can be passed on to generations.

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Artist’s Illustration of Edades West Facade
Artist’s Illustration of Amenities
Artist’s Illustration of Indoor Gym
Artist’s Illustration of Unit Interiors
Artist’s Illustration of Master Bedroom
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